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Nederlandse Wortels

Groene Generatie NL werkt sinds 2011 aan duurzame educatie. Vanaf 2018 gaat dat in een andere vorm. We blijven investeren in frisse jonge geesten. Geïnspireerd door de laatste oerbossen gaan we ook investeren in (nieuw) oerbos.

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Go where you come from

Your why is where you come from. Read more


71% water
29% land


60 quadrillion (10^15) total living beings
0,0000001% people


7 billion people
17 sustainable development goals

Look forward

Your mission is the future. Read more

The figures above show our world. Which offers big challenges facing the future.
Learning to live together without war. Learning to live together on one earth without poverty, equality. Tell, educate, learn, try, fail and improve. Go generate green together.

Youth empowerment Primeval forest

youth & education

Culture making comes with the employment of new values in life and work

Education of young people and others that are eager to swith the handle.


Nature making comes with the principles of a primeval forest

Only just a tiny little bit of European nature can be called primeval.
To create a better balance on our planet we have to buy back land and regrow fundamental ecosystems.


Green Generation Foundation is a Dutch former social enterprise founded in 2011. In 2018 it will be a globally oriented foundation for education and sustainability. Read more

Founding, Founder, Governance

Green Generation Foundation (GGF) is being founded (estimated Q2 2018) by Thijs Struijk. The foundation is the next step of his Dutch enterprise Green Generation which started in 2011 in the Netherlands.


Thijs Struijk


A non-profit to provide for the common good. It will be installed along with an Advisory and Supervisory Board

We are currently setting up the governance structure of the foundation.

You can send us a message below if you would like to support our mission